Nicholas reporter updated

Nicholas reporter updated for Hollywood Connection on Dawn Reese Show. Nicholas Wolf interviewed one of the filmmakers in Orlando and that filmmaker Vince will be definitely calling in and giving you some great advice as well as talking about what he is doing Nicholas had a chance interview Vince film director in Orlando Bio On Nikolas Wolf Nickolas Wolf is a Actor/ Reporter /Host/ Film Director / Film Producer /Gamer Nickolas has been acting for years. He works on from Independent films to Feature Films He is known for “Ring The Bell” as PJ. It was filmed right here in Florida (Deland / Deland area and Orlando) He started his reporting career with The Dawn Reese Show, covering local businesses, Red Carpet events and Film Festivals. He is
now still an independent reporter for Dawn Reese as well as a host/reporter for 24Flix(faith based Television Station) in Orlando Florida. He e at Tampa Bay Comic Com. He won the 2014 Talkie Award for his work. The film he directed and produced has shown in many film festival all over Florida and was just accepted to Sunscreen Film Festival West in California in October. It is called ” One Single Butterfly” He is also a YouTuber. He has his own Gaming Channel called “Nikieplays” which is growing everyday. He contributes his voice to it and hosts it. He has produced several Films and Commercials two years in a row for Crash The Super bowl commercial competition . His recent project he is working on is called” The Three Musketeers-The Early Year. ” He plays Aramis. “Legion Of Ru” He plays Tallis Pryderi ” Fallaway” He takes Private acting lessons with Aaron Jackson here in Florida You can find out more information about him Facebook: Nickolas Wolf Instagram: NickolasWolf and Nikieplays Twitter: @nikiawolf

Hollywood Connection with Dawn Reese

Hollywood Connection with Dawn Reese are of a wide variety. From Beauty Queen Reporters to ones selected over the years like
Guest reporter Nicholas WOLF very young in age He seems to have a hidden flair to ask the right questions and get informative answers.
He will be featured once a week with a lot of his footage and airing it on Tan Talk radio Hollywood connections with  Dawn Reese.

We are so proud of him he’s accomplished so much you’ll be hearing these amazing interviews as also he brings more to Tan Talk Radio to an in Saturday 3 to 4 PM . Gerald Ralston an associate of Dawn Reese for many years originally meeting Dawn in the early 1990’s will give an update on whats new with Dawn and a report of his of Western New York Entertainment News  where he presently is living. Guest stars will call in and Dawn will cover a wide variety of things like plans of the new Vonny Hilton Sweeny Memorial where many top named artists will perform,reliving the days of the Pre Grammy Parties and more. Top named star King PooPoo man “Gene Anderson from historic P Funk will bring the Las Vegas news yo the show. You do not want to miss one minute of the show weekly ever say from 3-4 pm. It’s hard to think of all the connections Dawn Reese Has and how she has excelled to what will be the Top named hostess of the real people in show biz ,with one mission to help new talent get connected in showbiz. The Hollywood Connection is what she is ,if you talented and think you can make it in showbiz ,she has the connection to the real producers in the industry. It was Gerald Ralston who she calls the “promoter to the stars and major artists” ,who introduced her to Craig Soldinger and the Late Pete Bennett “Promoter of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Together they composed a theme song that is sweeping the nation in education”Be Cool Stay In School” telling kids don’t be a drop out, and finish school. Dawn is an Icon from the days of Jenny Jones Show ,where she provided talent to the show and judge of many local and national Beauty Pageants. (more to come)



Dawn Reese Show 2015

Dawn Reese Show 2015,As of now you now know she is getting ready to launch her new show. I will be her webmaster and associate in this new project. I will be located thru the Tan Talk radio network.

We want to make a clear statement. As of this post We will be redoing all photos and post ,so we will be taking down all previous posts.Please understand that this site is a part of the Deadtags Art system that will launch soon.

dawn gerry

Pictured above is Dawn Reese and her promoter Gerald Gordon Ralston songwriter Aka WillyO at New York City NAM National American Miss Talent and Beauty Contest.
We will be having assistance from the Mega Giants in the Entertainment Industry. If we have removed your photo or story, please feel free to contact our Media Rep at
for more details about Dawn Reese and all plans for her future contact her
personal Public Relations Manager

Gerald G Ralston


Dawn Reese 2015 Summer Fall Schedule

Dawn Reese Show 2015 Summer Fall Schedule
After her many exciting years stay in Arizona and Colorado, Dawn Reese is now located in her favorite state Florida. Look for her new Show, where you could be discovered in 2015. Her Be Cool Stay in School with assorted celebrities she has worked with over the years. soon on tv radio and internet.
As the site once again has become an affiliate of TanTalk Radio,they are now looking for major Corporate Sponsors. Recently Dawn was asked by her good friend Rudy Gonzalez to find young ladies for his all new VIP private airline. Illusion Airways.
When there’s a need for good talent Dawn Reese is there to fill it.
As seen by this great video they are recruiting now.

If you have always wanted to be a fly and have the VIP look and attitute ,to deal with the Super Rich ,contact Dawn Reese ,to get you more details.

SOON TO COME Winter ,Spring,Summer Schedule

Ask Dawn Reese and her associates QUESTIONS you may have????
Currently she is planning a big role out of her BCSIS
Be Cool Stay In School TOUR. Many of the former things that have been on this site can now be found on FACEBOOK Be sure to LIKE her page.
As of today Dawn will personally put in her BLOG a lot of TIPS TO BECOME A VIP.|Model|Singer|Dancer|Writer| what ever your talent you can benefit with her years of Entertainment Experience.
We have just released the preview of the all new Be Cool Stay in School
with the daily and weekly all new highlites in the all new


RALSTON REESE REPORT soon to come,with video interviews with,Dawn Reese and Gerald Ralston ,also know as the
POWER TRIO,before Pete Bennett Passed away in 2012.
We will always miss Pete Bennett ,and will share later an exclusive interview with him in New York City ,when we were judges of National American Miss Pageant

ALL INFO ON HERE IS property of
The Dawn Reese Show ,and you can use ,but only with permission of Dawn Reese or Willy Orbison. of Dawn Reese Show .LLC




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DETAILS SOON :How you can become a part of it,and gain national and international FAME. Open to all talents

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Dawn Reese Show -Be Discovered now


Let Dawn Reese help you with a
connection to  (CLICK HERE )

1 Compose a small bio , and send an email why you can be
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