Dawn Reese 2015 Summer Fall Schedule

Dawn Reese Show 2015 Summer Fall Schedule
After her many exciting years stay in Arizona and Colorado, Dawn Reese is now located in her favorite state Florida. Look for her new Show, where you could be discovered in 2015. Her Be Cool Stay in School with assorted celebrities she has worked with over the years. soon on tv radio and internet.
As the site once again has become an affiliate of TanTalk Radio,they are now looking for major Corporate Sponsors. Recently Dawn was asked by her good friend Rudy Gonzalez to find young ladies for his all new VIP private airline. Illusion Airways.
When there’s a need for good talent Dawn Reese is there to fill it.
As seen by this great video they are recruiting now.

If you have always wanted to be a fly and have the VIP look and attitute ,to deal with the Super Rich ,contact Dawn Reese ,to get you more details.

SOON TO COME Winter ,Spring,Summer Schedule

Ask Dawn Reese and her associates QUESTIONS you may have????
Currently she is planning a big role out of her BCSIS
Be Cool Stay In School TOUR. Many of the former things that have been on this site can now be found on FACEBOOK Be sure to LIKE her page.
As of today Dawn will personally put in her BLOG a lot of TIPS TO BECOME A VIP.|Model|Singer|Dancer|Writer| what ever your talent you can benefit with her years of Entertainment Experience.
We have just released the preview of the all new Be Cool Stay in School
with the daily and weekly all new highlites in the all new


RALSTON REESE REPORT soon to come,with video interviews with,Dawn Reese and Gerald Ralston ,also know as the
POWER TRIO,before Pete Bennett Passed away in 2012.
We will always miss Pete Bennett ,and will share later an exclusive interview with him in New York City ,when we were judges of National American Miss Pageant

ALL INFO ON HERE IS property of
The Dawn Reese Show ,and you can use ,but only with permission of Dawn Reese or Willy Orbison. of Dawn Reese Show .LLC

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